Arrest In Squirrel Peace Community Activist (SPCA) Slaying

"It's one of the most horrific crimes against a member of the sciurus carolinensis family ever reported," in what local authorities are calling a recent "incident" between a notorious Bernese Mountain Dog known as Tonka, a.k.a. "4x4," and one of Foster Cityís most beloved "squitizens," Manfred.

  The mayor of the California city officially gave Manfred the squirrel citizenship only six months prior to the incident, as his tireless efforts in man-squirrel relations were considered a great work of peace in troubled times.

  According to an off duty police officer visiting from Olney, Illinois who assisted in the capture and arrest, the long feared Tonka was observed hampering in Manfredís efforts by reducing the squirrel population by force that was considered "terroristic."

  Authorities received tips from local rodents that had connections with the police department. Tonka, refusing comment until his attorney arrived, was arrested after a six-hour stand off, which of course, to Tonka, was fourty-two hours. Tonka earned the alias "4x4" years ago in Mexico for railroading through the border with several Mexican squirrels hidden in his jowls. Charges are pending.